Wisconsin Dwelling Contractors Courses for License Renewal

Renew your Wisconsin Dwelling Contractor License with our online contractor courses

Wisconsin licensed dwelling contractors are required to complete 12 hours of mandatory continuing education every two years prior to their license renewal expiration. The $89/12 hr Online  Course satisfies all requirements. Course completions are electrically submitted to the Wisconsin DSPS for immediate verification of completion under the dwelling contractor’s license.

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2. Take Quiz to Complete the Course

  • Guaranteed to pass as you can retake each quiz unlimited times until you pass
  • + Plus access entire course during each quiz to easily locate answers

Course is completed once all modules and quizzes are completed. A Certificate of Completion is auto-generated

Your records are then electronically submitted to DSPS within 24 hours. (Additionally, your records can be accessed anytime on your account as we retain all student records for 7 years)


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Now you may be wondering, what cheap, easy, and convenient way is there to get a Wisconsin contractor license renewal. Well we have an answer to your questions, and it’s EZ-CE. Here at EZ-CE we offer a great course that is designed specifically for you, the user. In my experience I have come across an array of courses to continue my education, but this is the best one so far. Not only is this course easily accessible, but it won’t cause you to sell an arm and a leg to have the funds to afford your Wisconsin license renewal. This course is in line with the guide lines given by the WI DSPS. This course also covers dwelling contractor for a Wisconsin contractor license.
Questions you may inquire about:

How do I get certified as a Wisconsin Dwelling Contractor Qualifier?

Complete the course that we have provided, then get a Wisconsin dwelling contractor application and  qualifier application.

Who needs the Wisconsin Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Certification?

Those whom bare Dwelling contractor qualifiers is needed to get dwelling building permits and complete the qualifier course that we have so graciously provided.

Do I need to take contractor continuing education to keep my dwelling contractor certification?

Yes! Through us we offer a course that you can take that will help you renew your license every two years. Take it from me when I say that EZ-CE is the best choice.

How is the state of Wisconsin notified when I complete my continuing education?

We, conveniently, do it for you and email the state ourselves, but we will need your dweller contractor qualification number.

How do I renew my contractor certification in Wisconsin?

Every 6 weeks, about, you will be warned by the state that your certification is almost in need of renewal. Cards will be sent to those who completed their CE, paper renewals will be received by those who have not come around to finishing it/doing it, then when requirements are achieved the new certifications and future date of renewal is sent out. Make sure not to be late or it will add 25 dollars to the renewing process.

Who do I contact at the state of Wisconsin regarding dwelling contractor certification?

You would contact the Department of Safety and Professional Services in Wisconsin and get their information at http://dsps.wi.gov/Home .