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Florida ECLB licensed certified & registered electrical contractors are required to complete 14 hours of mandatory continuing education every two years prior to their license renewal expiration. The $59 14 hr Online Electrical Course satisfies all requirements: Laws, Safety, Workers’ Comp., Advanced FBC, False Alarm, Business practices, and technical subjects (i.e NEC).

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14 Hour Florida Electrical Contractor Continuing Education Course #0802044

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This Course satisfies all 14 Hours of Continuing Education required for Florida Registered and Certified Electrical Contractors

14 Hour Electrical Contractor Continuing Education Course (#0802044)-ECLB Provider #0007655
Applies to all ECLB licensees for renewal and/or reinstatement.
Certified Electrical Contractor (EC), Certified Alarm System Contractor (EF), Certified Alarm System Contractor II (EG), Certified Specialty Electrical Contractor (ES), Registered Electrical Contractor (ER), Registered Alarm System Contractor I (EY,EH), Registered Alarm System Contractor II (EZ,EI), Registered Specialty Electrical Contractor (ET), Registered Residential Alarm System Contractor (EJ)Records will be Electronically Submitted to the DBPR within 48 hours

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This course covers the required topics and hours of continuing education required for registered and certified electrical contractors specified in F.A.C 61G6-9.001, listed below.

  1. seven (7) hours on technical subjects
  2. one (1) hour on workers’ compensation
  3. one (1) hour on workplace safety
  4. one (1) hour on business practices
  5. one (1) hour advanced module course, approved by the Florida Building Commission
  6. one (1) hour of Florida laws and rules education
  7. two (2) hours on false alarm prevention

This course consists of 11 video lessons covering topics as stated below. Note: Each hour of instruction is 50 minutes.

    • Lesson 1: Florida Workers Compensation System: 1 Hour
    • Lesson 2: Workplace Safety – Construction Fall Protection: 1 Hour
    • Lesson 3: Tax Guidelines for Construction Businesses: 1 Hour
    • Lesson 4: 2017 Florida Advanced Building Codes Significant Changes: 1 Hour (FBC Approved Course #870.0)
    • Lesson 5: Florida Laws & Rules – Recent Changes: 1 Hour
    • Lesson 6: False Alarm Prevention: 2 Hours
    • Lesson 7: 2020 NEC Significant Code Changes Part 1: 1.5 Hours
    • Lesson 8: 2020 NEC Significant Code Changes Part 2: 1.5 Hours
    • Lesson 9: 2020 NEC Significant Code Changes Part 3: 1.5 Hours
    • Lesson 10: 2020 NEC Significant Code Changes Part 4: 1.5 Hours
    • Lesson 11: 2020 NEC Significant Code Changes Part 5: 1 Hour