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    14 Hour Florida Contractor Continuing Education Course #0613199

    Save $81.00! $59.00

    This Course satisfies all 14 Hours of Continuing Education required for Florida Certified Contractors, Registered Contractors, Palm Beach County, & Pinellas County Contractors

    Applies to all CILB licensees for renewal and/or reinstatement.
    General Contractor (CG/RG),Building Contractor (CB/RB),Residential Contractor (CR/RR),Sheet Metal Contractor (CS/RS),Roofing Contractor (CC/RC),Class A Air-Conditioning Contractor (CA/RA) ,Class B Air-Conditioning Contractor (CA/RA),Class C Air-Conditioning Contractor (CA/RA),Mechanical Contractor (CM/RM),Commercial Pool/Spa Contractor (CP/RP),Residential Pool/Spa Contractor (CP/RP),Swimming Pool/Spa Servicing Contractor (CP/RP),Plumbing Contractor (CF/RF),Underground Utility and Excavation Contractor (CU/RU),Solar Contractor (CV),Pollutant Storage Systems Contractor (PC),Specialty Contractor (SCC)
    Records will be Electronically Submitted to the DBPR Daily

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