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Six(6) Hour Alabama Contractor Continuing Education Course


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This course, Six(6) Hour Alabama Contractor Continuing Education Course, has been approved by the State of Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board for hours of continuing education credit.
● Satisfies all Six(6) hours of mandatory continuing education
● Applies to all AHBLB licensees for license renewal
● Records will be Submitted to the AHBLB within 48 hours

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This course satisfies all Six(6) hours of Continuing Education required for all AHBLB active individual licensees and/or the designated qualifying representative for a corporation, limited liability company, or partnership licensee.

This course consists of Six(6) 1 hour lessons covering topics as stated below. Note: Each hour of instruction is 50 minutes.

Lesson 1: Business Practices for Construction Contracting in Alabama: 1 Hour – Self-paced Interactive Course or Instructor Led Online Webinar (see calendar below) Satisfies Alabama specific requirement

Lesson 2: Tax Guidelines for Alabama Construction Businesses: 1 Hour – Self-paced Interactive Course or Instructor Led Online Webinar (see calendar below) Satisfies Alabama specific requirement

Lesson 3: Workplace Safety-Construction Fall Protection: 1 Hours – Self-paced Interactive Course

Lesson 4: Workplace Safety-Silica Exposure in Construction: 1 Hour – Self-paced Interactive Course

Lesson 5: Workplace Safety-Nail Gun Safety: 1 Hour – Self-paced Interactive Course

Lesson 6: Workplace Safety-OSHA Noise Hazards: 1 Hour – Self-paced Interactive Course

Note: All Lessons (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6) are self-paced interactive courses which can be completed anytime by the licensee; However, if you prefer further an in-depth learning experience, then Lessons 1 and 2 can be completed as an Instructor-led Online webinars which require the licensee to attend at a scheduled date and times. (See calendar below)

Lesson 1 and 2 are combined and conducted at the scheduled times below, you can register for any sessions at any time. You can easily reschedule as well.
Calendar Updated: December 9, 2022 – all times in CST

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How to take our Instructor Led Webinars

Our webinars are conducted utilizing service (chosen for reliability, ease of use, no software required and ability to attend using your computer, tablet, or smart phone).

Upon purchase your will be emailed a link to the webinar. Also a link to the webinar will be in your Student Menu, in MyCourses under this course.

Clicking the link you will be redirect to where you will be asked to register with your name and email. This step can be performed anytime prior to or immediately before the webinar.

During the webinar you will be viewing live instruction with the ability to ask written questions to the instructor (students will not have open mics, so only chat available). Assessment of student progress will occur as a continuous process throughout the session and can include polling, Q&A sessions, and final questions posed by the instructor.

Within the hour after webinar completion you will receive via email a certificate of completion . Also your online records in MyCourses will show this course completed with a link to the certificate as well. All outstanding questions asked during the webinar will also be answered via email at this time.